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Tuesday, November 28, 2006   11053 reads

My Testimony

by Christopher John Morley

I apologise in advance for the length of this testimony. If you want to get straight to the good bits (the part where I cry like a baby in front of five hundred people, hand my life over to Christ, see two miracles in two minutes, etc.) then go straight to the sub heading “The moment of truth” and just read from there. I don’t mind at all.
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The Steadfast Faithfulness of God

My mind was overwhelmed with questions: Why had God let it come to this? Where was He? Had He forgotten to be faithful? Had He forgotten that the whole reason that I was in Uganda was because He had so clearly called me? Had He forgotten that I loved Him and wanted to serve Him? What about His promises? How did I get into this situation? How could I be here in Africa to serve Him and completely run out of money? Where was all of this abundant provision that I hear so much about?
Tuesday, October 12, 2010   read more | login to post comments | 429213 reads

Ex-Pornstar Finds New Life in Christ

I was born in 1968 and grew up in southern California. I am the eldest of three children and was born a strong-willed child with a "spirited" personality. The first 8 years of life my family attended a good church where I learned about God and Jesus. As a little girl, I knew and loved Jesus very much...

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Black Saturday: Marysville Fires

Black Saturday saw fires on a scale never before experienced in Victoria, or throughout Australia. With temperatures over 45c, high winds in excess of 70kms, dry grasslands and forests with years of uncleared  and unattended dry fuel was a recipe for disaster which saw some 2000 homes lost resulting in  many casualties and, as I write, over 200 lives taken.  Over 420,000ha destroyed, some 7000 homeless with at least twenty towns and hamlets affected right across the State of Victoria. Beautiful scenic Marysville has been burned to the ground 1500 residents have lost their homes, the town is still closed after 12 days, it is a crime scene with police still looking for bodies.
Thursday, February 19, 2009   read more | login to post comments | 11684 reads

Life Changing Time on a Hospital Ship

“As I left Australia to spend three and a half months on a hospital ship in one of the world’s poorest nations I had no idea what was ahead of me,” says Abbey Rowe of Brisbane.
Wednesday, July 16, 2008   read more | login to post comments | 9906 reads

How I Captured Osama

It was my first opportunity to spend any reasonable length of time in an Arabic speaking country, but the Lord had definitely planted a desire in my heart to reach out to Muslims. Six months earlier, before I even knew that I would be traveling to Egypt, I had obeyed a prompt by the Holy Spirit to begin to learn Egyptian Arabic. The little that I learned came in very useful and helped me to develop and instant rapport with complete strangers who were both very surprised and delighted (and sometimes amused) to hear a foreigner attempt to speak to them in their own language. Whilst I was in Egypt I met two very key people... one was a lovely Christian woman by the name of Hanan, whom I met by providence at the library in Alexandria. She and I became instant friends. The other was a thief... a one-armed man by the name of Osama.
Sunday, December 9, 2007   read more | login to post comments | 10253 reads

Soldier Returns to Front Lines Unarmed

On the phone, in between his duties at Schofield Army Barracks in Hawaii, Sergeant Logan Laituri tells me he wants to "live radically for Christ." Normally I stumble over that sort of fervor – couched, as it is, in terms I would usually consider vague and cliche – but if following Jesus means telling your captain that 9/11 didn't absolve you of the need to love your enemies, I'll keep listening.
Friday, December 8, 2006   read more | 10500 reads

Miracles in Africa

Given that God has the power to heal, why do some people still suffer and die? Is it simply lack of faith? Or are there other keys to healing?

What you will see in this video is difficult to describe in terms other than the miraculous.

Given that God has the power to heal, why do some people still suffer and die? Is it simply lack of faith? Or are there other keys to healing? Presumably all of those people whom Jesus healed when he was on earth went on to die somehow. So if miraculous healing is not about escaping the inevitability of physical death, then what is it about? Your thoughts?

Note: Some people may find this video footage disturbing.


Monday, November 20, 2006   read more | 13610 reads

Gay doesn’t mean Happy

My mind was going around in circles spiralling downwards with depression... I could not cope any longer and attempted suicide. I think an angel saved me that night...
Monday, November 20, 2006   read more | 9602 reads
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