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Intelligent Design vs Darwinian Theory:
Paul Gray, presenter of the weekly current affairs program "Gray Matter" speaks to Allan Weatherall about how Intelligent Design research is bringing Darwinian theory to the edge of extinction.
[WMA Audio - Click here for Part 1] [1]   [WMA Audio - Click here for Part 2] [2]

Kony Rebels in Northern Uganda:
Hear David Busch of ABC Radio interview Allan Weatherall about the rebel problem in Northern Uganda. [WMA Audio - Click here] [3]

Women of Hope:
Producer, Penny Mulvey. Over forty radio stations in six states of Australia are airing this 30 minute magazine format program that is designed specifically for women in Australia. Women of Hope features relevant Christian music, provides factual information on topics relevant to women's lives, and demonstrates God's love and the example of Jesus Christ. Topics look at issues of women's emotional and physical needs, the problems they face at home and work, their health and finance, while at the same time encompassing the spiritual inner person who longs for God's touch. [Click here] [3]

Wes Jay (Director Woodlands Media) speaks with Allan Weatherall, Publisher of Worldview Interactive magazine [Click here] [3]

Africa Report:
Allan Weatherall, publisher of Worldview Interactive magazine and website, travelled to Uganda in East Africa. Over one million people have been displaced in northern Uganda as a result of the civil unrest caused by the LRA rebels. Click on the photos on this page to see video footage from the region. [Click here] [3]

Miracles in Africa (Video):
This video (WMV) shows a remarkable healing that took place at a church in Nigeria [Click here] [3]

Music (MP3):
Download MP3 files from our features artists and access links to other Christian MP3 sites. [Click here] [3]

True Friendship (Video):
Two teenage sisters ask their friends about true friendship. Watch the streaming video and download a study on 'True Fellowship' - a great discussion topic for your youth group. [Click here] [3]

Testimony (Video):
Allan Weatherall shares about one of his experiences in Africa. While "praying in tongues" in a meeting in Eastern Uganda Allan was surprised to find he was speaking in one of the local languages! [Click here] [3]

David Pawson (Audio):
Hear an inspirational message from renowned Bible teacher, David Pawson.
[Click here] [3]

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