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UN/NORTH KOREA: Survivors of Nth Korean Prison Camps Speak at UN

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Created 20 Apr 2005 - 17:00

Two survivors of the North Korean prison camps have spoken at the UN Commission on Human Rights. The two, who are Christians, suffered appalling abuses. Kim Tae Jin was imprisoned without trial. He was forced to carry out hard labor on minimal food intake and beaten unconscious when too weak to carry out his tasks. He said, "My prayer is that the situation in North Korea will be improved by your prayers, partnership, and advocacy in both national and international arenas." Kim Young Soon was arrested after they captured her husband. She and her four children were imprisoned for their association with him. She spent eight years in the camp, enduring forced labor, regular physical and verbal abuse, ideological indoctrination, and severe degradation. She describes the camp as "a living hell where prisoners were treated as less than animals." Her parents and youngest son perished in the camp. Another son was executed after an attempt to escape North Korea, and her eldest son became disabled as a result of his imprisonment. She said, "The pain and suffering I have described is still shared by many people in North Korea. "There are estimated to be more than 100,000 prisoners in such prison camps in North Korea. Source: Missions Catalyst New Briefs

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