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The Legitimacy of Power

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The international television event, ‘What the World Thinks of America’, brought together a collection of commentators and statesmen from around the world in search of a global perspective on the new American ascendancy, it’s leaders, economic power, cultural influence, current foreign policy. The program examined survey results from 11 different nations where 1000 people in each country were asked the same questions about America, including questions about it’s leaders, economic power, cultural influence, current foreign policy and it’s pre-emptive miltary action in the Middle East.

‘America’s greatest source of strength,even greater than it’s great economy and great military, has been the idea that these sources of power are used in a benign fashion. It is the legitimacy of American power that has been its ultimate strength, and if you lose that you lose a great deal...’

Mr Fareed Zakaria, Editor of Newsweek International


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Photo above courtesy of the Australian Department of Defence

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