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World Day of Prayer

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On Friday March 4th 2011 Christians around the world will celebrate the World Day of Prayer. The service has been written by the women of Chile. It is an appropriate theme for them as bread is eaten at every meal and is very much part of every day life in their country. The women of Chile offer what it means to them as they share this service with us.

Beth Hookey, President of the Victorian Committee of the World Day of Prayer movement, said:  ‘This is always an exciting day as a great wave of prayer sweeps the world, beginning when the first service is held in Tonga and continuing around the world until the final service takes place, some 35 hours later in neighbouring Western Samoa. By then the day will have been celebrated in over 170 countries and over 300 services will have been held in Victoria alone’

Stretching from Peru to Antarctica, the Republic of Chile occupies a long, narrow strip of land 2,640 miles long and 110 miles wide. It is a land of incredible contrasts. It also has the highest incidence of domestic violence in Latin America and most women suffer from discrimination in some form or other. Equal opportunities are being pursued.

Although organised and led by women, this is essentially a day of prayer for everybody as we demonstrate our solidarity with our sisters and brothers in other countries. All are welcome to attend. 

Further information and resources, together with details of services in your area, can be found on the World day of Prayer Australia website at [1]

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