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INDONESIA: Terror Targets Papuan Church

By worldview
Created 19 Sep 2007 - 23:37

Since granting Papua Special Autonomy in 2001, Indonesia has ramped up the repression and terrorisation of the mostly Christian indigenous population. Some 5000 Javanese Muslims migrate to Papua weekly. Church leaders such as Rev Sofian Yoman are being increasingly intimidated. On Sunday 29 July, Indonesian security forces threatened him at gunpoint outside the Baptist Church service in Jayapura. On 2 September, Indonesian security agents distributed leaflets throughout Jayapura picturing and defaming him. Two young key members of the Maranatha Kingmi Protestant Church in Nabire were recently brutally murdered. Christian leaders in West Papua risk their lives to get news such as this to the outside world. Please pray for God's intervention to thwart the silencing of his people and the projected Papuan genocide.   

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