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ERITREA: Christian Prisoners & Refugees Suffering Unimaginably

Eritrea has one of the most brutal dictatorships worldwide and the repression has created a refugee crisis. Since May 2002 Christians have been severely persecuted and an estimated 1500 are suffering torture and appalling prison conditions today, simply for their faith. With no independent media, news is extremely difficult to obtain. Open Doors reports that on 30 October a Christian Muslim convert, Adris Ali Mohammed (31), died in custody after two years of systematic torture aimed at forcing him to renounce his faith. Christians in refugee camps are no safer as the Eritrean military runs a lucrative operation on behalf of the government, trafficking them to Bedouin gangs in the Sinai. Please pray for Eritrean Christians and that God will effect deep and radical change
in Eritrea.
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Muslim Uprising Against Christians in Ethiopia

On Wednesday 2 March a massive pogrom erupted in Asendabo, Ethiopia, some
280km south-west of Addis Ababa, after local Muslims accused a Christian of desecrating a Qur'an. The violence spread to surrounding villages and after five days of Islamic rioting -- involving some 10,000 enraged Muslims -- the toll on the Christian community stood at 59 churches, one Bible school and 28 homes torched, with more than 4000 Christians displaced and one dead. The police have been unable to contain the ongoing unrest. Ethiopia includes some large, restive Muslim tribes now emboldened by ethnic federalism. As Islam rises, so too does persecution of Christian minorities, who are increasingly without remedy in what is fast becoming a more profoundly divided and conflicted nation. Please pray for the Church and the nation.

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World Day of Prayer

On Friday March 4th 2011 Christians around the world will celebrate the World Day of Prayer. The service has been written by the women of Chile. It is an appropriate theme for them as bread is eaten at every meal and is very much part of every day life in their country. The women of Chile offer what it means to them as they share this service with us.
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Volunteer News Editor Required

This page requires a volunteer news editor to review and post regular news stories from a wide range of religious and secular sources. Items of particular interest, consistent with editorial policy, include items on religious persecution, global trends, popular culture as related to faith, church & state, science and belief, etc. General news items are covered elsewhere, such as through the news network links to the left. To respond to this posting please contact the publisher through the contact menu above.

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ERITREA: Intensive Persecution Fuels Refugee Crisis

The government of Eritrean President Isaias Afwerki is brutally totalitarian. In September 2001 it imprisoned all its critics and closed down all the independent media. A ban on 'non-traditional'worship came into force in May 2002, affecting some 20,000 believers in dozens of Protestant, Pentecostal and mission-based denominations. Since then police have been pulling members from prayer meetings, Bible studies and even wedding parties to face intimidation, beatings, arrest, incarceration and torture (even to death). Today more than 2,000 mostly Protestant Christians are incarcerated in appalling conditions purely because they are active members of banned 'non-traditional' fellowships.
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Man comes back to life as doctors prepare to remove his organs

The case of a man whose heart stopped beating for 1-1/2 hours only to revive just as doctors were preparing to remove his organs for transplants is fuelling ethical debates in France about when a person is dead.

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CHINA: Repression Escalates

Repression is escalating in China in the lead-up to the Beijing Olympics as the Communist Party government prepares the country to go on display before the world. The government is determined that visitors and television viewers will witness only stability, harmony and economic development and not human rights abuses, neglect or repression. The government wants to ensure 'subversive'
elements and 'reactionary' forces do not spoil the show. Though Shi Weihan's Christian bookshop near the Olympic village sells only government-approved books, Shi and an employee were recently arrested. On 7 December, 270 house-church pastors meeting together for prayer, study and fellowship were arrested in a major police raid. As of 10 December, 150 are still in custody. Please pray for

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INDONESIA: Christians Pressurised

Whilst Indonesian Muslims have traditionally been nominal, cultural, progressive Muslims, Islamic fundamentalism and militancy is growing. From west to east, Christians are coming under increased pressure. Islamists are pressing ahead with Sharia law in autonomous Aceh, while militant fundamentalists in West Java
continue to tackle 'apostasy and Christian expansion' by persecuting pastors and evangelists and forcing the closure of churches. Meanwhile in Papua the genocide of a betrayed Christian people is being perpetrated. Please pray that President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono would make a just stand for the rights and security of ethnic and religious minorities. Pray too for God to give Indonesia's Christian leaders the 'Spirit of wisdom' (Ephesians 1:17) in abundance. Source: Religious Liberty Prayer

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INDONESIA: Terror Targets Papuan Church

Since granting Papua Special Autonomy in 2001, Indonesia has ramped up the repression and terrorisation of the mostly Christian indigenous population. Some 5000 Javanese Muslims migrate to Papua weekly. Church leaders such as Rev Sofian Yoman are being increasingly intimidated. On Sunday 29 July, Indonesian security forces threatened him at gunpoint outside the Baptist Church service in Jayapura. On 2 September, Indonesian security agents distributed leaflets throughout Jayapura picturing and defaming him. Two young key members of the Maranatha Kingmi Protestant Church in Nabire were recently brutally murdered.

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ERITREA: Another Believer Tortured to Death

Pastor Leule Gebreab of Asmara's Apostolic Church 'disappeared' on  12 August. For weeks nobody has been able to learn anything of his whereabouts and he is believed to have been arrested. His wife is greatly distressed. On 19 August, 10 members of the Full Gospel Church were arrested as they worshipped in a house in Asmara. Some 2000 Eritrean Protestants are presently suffering for their faith under appalling conditions in prison. Recently a group of 10 single Christian women who had been in prison for some 18 months were separated from other prisoners and taken to Weaa (Wi'a) Military Training Centre. Compass Direct reports the women were then ordered to recant their faith and were tortured when they refused. On Wednesday 5 September, Nigsti Haile (33) was tortured to death. She is the fourth Christian to die in custody due to torture.
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