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The Strengths & Weaknesses of the Pentecostal Movement

The Australian Pentecostal movement today seems to me to be facing a similar problem to that of the Methodists a hundred years ago. Methodism had departed from its early Wesleyan roots and was becoming more respectable. It had ministry training colleges, buildings, schools and impressive publications... and there were those who cried for a return to the old ways and an outpouring of the Holy Spirit.
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Good Leaders who go on Bad Wars

Can a good leader make monumental mistakes? Can a man who leads a country, who allegedly prays about major decisions, and who comes across as a reasonably nice guy - can someone like that make huge errors of judgment? The answer of course is yes.
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A Biblical World-View: What Do You Believe?

What does it mean to have a biblical world-view? Most Christians would say that they understand the importance of having a biblical world view. However, most Christians who have been raised in a western culture do not realise that their world-view also includes many of the philosophies that have shaped western civilisation for centuries.
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The Micah Declaration: Integral Mission

The Micah Network is a coalition of evangelical churches and agencies from around the world committed to integral mission.
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What Does the Bible Really Say about Prosperity?

You don’t have to be Sherlock Holmes to trace the origins of the Prosperity Gospel to the United States, where advantageous tax laws for religious institutions and a prosperous economy has been favourable soil for the growth of rich religion.
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Starting a New Fellowship

Worldview offers some practical tips on starting a New Home Church.
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The Case for House Churches

Robert Fitts expounds historical and biblical basis for home churches, as well as the missiological and practical advantages of home-based churches.
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Unlocking the Mystery of Life

A summary of the compelling video documentary which challenges us to question Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Leading scientists present an irrefutable case for Intelligent Design.
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How to Find God

A presentation of the good news of salvation through Jesus Christ.
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Counterpoint: An Experiential Faith

By Allan Weatherall. Counterpoint: Thesis - Antithesis - Synthesis Counterpoint places polarised views side-by-side and examines issues in search for the possibility of biblical harmony – those rare occasions when apparently opposing views are reconciled from Scripture without contradiction or compromise.
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