Jesus Christ

The birth of the Jewish Messiah (Saviour) was foretold by prophets hundreds of years before Jesus Christ was born in Bethlehem of Judea. His birth and life and death fulfilled hundreds of Old Testament prophecies, yet most of the Jewish nation did not believe. The first believers, however, were Jewish and it is through their testimony and written account of the life of Jesus that we have the New Testament today. According to the prophecies of the Old Testament, the Messiah was not only destined to be a saviour to the Jewish people, but he would also be 'a light to the gentiles' so that non-Jewish people could find God too.

  • Jesus was, and is, unique for many reasons. Apart from being a profound and insightful teacher whose life stands as a credible witness to a radical new way of living, Jesus was unique in the following ways:
  • Jesus had no earthly father: His mother Mary became pregnant by the Holy Spirit
  • Jesus performed powerful miracles: These miracles were numerous, well-documented and witnessed by many.
  • Jesus revealed the character and nature of God the father through his life, love, teaching and his death.
  • Jesus died unjustly, willingly taking the punishment for our sin, even though he lived a righteous life and deserved no punishment.
  • Jesus died, was buried and rose again, revealing himself to his followers and meeting with them over many days, after which he returned to heaven in bodily form.
  • Jesus promised that he would continue to be available to his followers by means of the Holy Spirit. The gift of the Holy Spirit is promised to all who believe, enabling them with 'gifts' to serve and glorify God.
  • Throughout history, even to this day, Jesus continues to empower his followers around the world to spread the good news about God's free gift of eternal life which is available to all who will believe.
  • Jesus promised that he would return to judge the world and to deal forever with the problem of evil. He may return at any time.

Why I Believe

I first came to believe in Jesus Christ at the end of a long philosophical search. Having been a church attender with my family as a boy, the full reality of God's love and plan for the world (or more specifically, for me) didn't hit me until Jesus came into my life in 1978 through the life and testimony of a Chinese-Malaysian student who was studying with my brother.

So it was through Joshua that I first heard the 'good news' and understood for the first time that Christianity was not just a moral code, but that the same Jesus who died and rose from the dead all of those years ago, was alive and accessible today and that he answered prayers. I realised then that not only was he alive... and not only did he love me... but that he was also calling me to follow him and to surrender my life to God's plan.

Since the days when I first believed I have seen many miracles and experienced many difficult and perplexing trials. So far God has faithfully brought me through them all. I have learnt that I am far from being perfect, but even in my failures I have come to realise that God's grace is sufficient to carry me even when my own strength has failed.

The Christian life can at times be very difficult. But trying to live without God can be even more difficult - and ultimately futile because we all will have to face God and give an account to him for the ways in which we have lived and the things we have done. Jesus Christ came into the world to save sinners, such as me and such as you. I believe that God has the power and the will and the love and the resources to keep all of His good promises to all who come to him.

This world is quickly coming closer to the end when God will fulfill all of His plans for the earth and those who live upon it. He calls everyone now to seek his goodness and turn away from their sins before it is too late. The good news... no, the great news is... that God stands ready to forgive and welcome anyone who will honestly turn to Him seeking forgiveness, and will be welcomed into his eternal family.

- Allan Weatherall 

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