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The Gay Marriage Civil Rights Myth

A few days ago I watched a very interesting and balanced discussion on satellite TV about the introduction of gay marriage in the UK. It was interesting because for the first time I heard pro-gay civil libertarians arguing strongly against the gay lobby's push for marriage equality. Their objections were based on the belief that the forced cultural redefinition of marriage actually impinges on the rights and liberties of the wider population, as well as on children, religious minorities and religious educators.

I found it a little ironic that secular libertarians were arguing the case against gay marriage far more persuasively than many Christian apologists, and they had some very valid points to make. In the UK religious leaders and educational institutions have expressed concerns that teaching the biblical view that homosexuality is a sin, may lead to criminal prosecution. Although it is claimed that the current legislation protects religious groups, it has long been the fear of Christians around the world that once governments lead the way in defining social values, any individual who expresses an opposing religious belief about homosexuality, may face prosecution under so-called anti-hate and anti-discrimination laws. And in fact that is a very real concern.

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The Dangerous & Divisive Social Experiment of Gay Marriage

The call to amend the Marriage Act to allow gay marriage in Australia is yet another politically stupid move by the ALP - and yet another betrayal of the Christian community.

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Asylum Seekers

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War Crime

The whole problem with the notion of a 'just war' is that even if leaders do have noble intentions (which in most cases they do not) or worthy political objectives (which in most cases they do not), wars invariably kill innocent people. And very few human beings, no matter how just or noble they may be at the beginning of a conflict, are able to maintain a clear moral compass in a climate of intense fear with death all around them.

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Exaggerated Convert Figures Could Cost Lives

Converts from Islam to Christianity are increasingly concerned about a number of reports in recent months which have cited astounding statistics on conversion. It is true – and a matter for thankfulness to God – that more Muslims are now coming to Christ than at any other time in history. However, they are not converting on the vast scale alleged in some reports. These false reports, often initiated by non-Christians and then circulated by Christians, are a matter of grave concern, not just for those who love truth and accuracy, but also for the many individuals whose lives are being endangered by the publicity given to the exaggerated figures.
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Being a Christian in Iraq

Most attention in Iraq is focused on Sunni and Shia families forced to leave their home towns by sectarian violence. The fate of non-Muslim minorities, particularly Christians, deserves equal attention. The Iraqi Christian population has fallen to a third of its level of twenty years ago.
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Church and State

What many people don't realise is that the Separation of Church and State was actually a Christian idea! These days this phrase is used by people who want to minimise the influence of religion in the political realm, but originally it was a phrase invented by Christians who wanted to limit the influence that the State had on the Church!

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Soldier Returns to Front Lines Unarmed

On the phone, in between his duties at Schofield Army Barracks in Hawaii, Sergeant Logan Laituri tells me he wants to "live radically for Christ." Normally I stumble over that sort of fervor – couched, as it is, in terms I would usually consider vague and cliche – but if following Jesus means telling your captain that 9/11 didn't absolve you of the need to love your enemies, I'll keep listening.
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Good Leaders who go on Bad Wars

Can a good leader make monumental mistakes? Can a man who leads a country, who allegedly prays about major decisions, and who comes across as a reasonably nice guy - can someone like that make huge errors of judgment? The answer of course is yes.
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