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Northern Uganda: Church in a War-Zone

Helicopter gunship flies overhead during our church gathering. Click here on the photograph to see the video
The War Drags On: Not very far from this village, 5 kms from Lira, some of the worst atrocities of war have been committed. The cruelty and murderous barbarity of the LRA rebels defies belief, and yet here among these villagers we find genuine warmth, hospitality, generosity, gentleness, joy and faith. One can't help but think that these people are victims of a great evil that has conspired against them - as if an evil spiritual force, perhaps further incited to hatred by the very purity and vulnerability of these people, has amassed forces from hell bent on their destruction.
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The Power of Hope & Faith: Nakato's Story

When a Light to the Nations team from Australia visited a Ugandan village in September 2005, they did not realise that their presence would bring about such a change in the life of one young woman who had lost all hope.
Nakato sick in bed

When we found Nakato in the village near Jinja she was in advanced stages of sickness due to HIV/AIDS. Nakato was a Muslim and married to a Muslim man when she contracted the disease. Unable to care for herself, her husband or her children, Nakato returned home to her mother where she could be cared for, and to get help caring for her children. As the AIDS related symptoms increased, Nakato realised that death was approaching. In desperation she surrender her life to Christ, fully expecting to die.

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