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Tuesday, November 7, 2006   9345 reads

The VIACARE Initiative

So... what is the VIACARE initiative?
In a nutshell, VIACARE is a program that is aimed at providing practical solutions and responses to the endemic problem of mismanagement and corruption in international aid.  Just visualise a bucket being filled with aid money and that money is flowing out through holes in the bottom. That’s the problem. VIACARE is a solution designed to identify those leaks, patch the leaks and to encourage donors to keep putting their money into that bucket!
VIACARE is an acronym that stands for: Verify, Inspect, Assess, Certify, Advise, Report, Endorse.
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Egypt: The Revolution Continues

From the Editor, February 2013.
Over the past several months my Egyptian wife and I have been watching several Arabic news channels daily on satellite TV and have gained quite a clear understanding of all that has been happening on the ground in Egypt. We have also been talking regularly to our extended family in Alexandria and it is now clear that Egypt's popular revolution has now been subverted by the new president and his radical Ekhwan associates (the Muslim Brotherhood).

The first thing that was obvious to us is that there have been many deeply disturbing developments in Egypt that have gone almost totally unreported by the western media, and I suspect that even many western politicians are unaware of these disturbing developments.

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The Steadfast Faithfulness of God

My mind was overwhelmed with questions: Why had God let it come to this? Where was He? Had He forgotten to be faithful? Had He forgotten that the whole reason that I was in Uganda was because He had so clearly called me? Had He forgotten that I loved Him and wanted to serve Him? What about His promises? How did I get into this situation? How could I be here in Africa to serve Him and completely run out of money? Where was all of this abundant provision that I hear so much about?
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Life Changing Time on a Hospital Ship

“As I left Australia to spend three and a half months on a hospital ship in one of the world’s poorest nations I had no idea what was ahead of me,” says Abbey Rowe of Brisbane.
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Eastern Uganda

In this age of rampant consumerism and selfish individualism, there seem to be few who genuinely answer God's call to give up everything to follow Christ. However Robby Keen, a new believer from the UK, has done just that in obedience to God. He is now serving the poorest of the poor and preaching Christ in a predominantly Muslim region near Mbale in Eastern Uganda - and God is doing wonderful things.
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What’s Your Biggest Challenge?

Sometimes we get so caught up in our own day-to-day lives that we forget the challenges being faced by other believers around the world. Worldview Interactive caught up with some people on the streets of Kampala and asked them what was the biggest challenge facing Christians in their country today.
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When Caring Kids put Adults to Shame:

3 Aussie kids help bring some hope to 3000 Ugandan children. Click here on the photograph to see a video of camp

How is it that a few Australian kids could afford to help 3000 needy children in a Northern Uganda IDP camp?

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The Sudanese Government: The Cause of so Much Suffering

As the news of the unfolding tragedy in western Sudan is now making front-page news, people should be made aware that atrocities have been taking place in southern Sudan for decades. Aerial bombardments and helicopter gunships have been used to attack the southern Sudanese civilian population for years.
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